Gmail to Outlook.Com Change Email Service

Though we now that Gmail is a best email service provider, This guide will help you in Changing Gmail to Outlook.Com Email Services. Needless to say that Gmail is most trusted and popular online email service provider around the world and the majority of internet users are connected with Google in direct or in an indirect way.

There are many other email service providers that work like a Gmail but they lack in offering awesome features like Gmail does. However, in the race to offer much more rich things to the users, Gmail now takes much time to load in the web browser as compared with last few months.

So when this question was tossed to me, the first idea that strike my brain was to select the best alternative of Gmail for the time being. And we all know that Outlook is the best alternative of Gmail (as of now).

Outlook Email service by Microsoft is also getting popular day by day and lots of people have already switched from Gmail to Outlook or planning to switch in a short time.

Switching from one email service provider to another is not that much easier because there are huge type of settings and contacts that you have set in another email service provider also.

gmail to outlook

Let’s start the Gmail to Outlook switching

1. Open the email account and click on setting Gear Icon that you can see at the top-right of screen.

switching gmail to outlook

2. In the Options panel click on Import email accounts option and wait for the next option.

switching gmail to outlook

3. On the next screen you will get two different locations to import the contacts. Select Gmail to switching and click on Google option and go to the next step.

switching gmail to outlook 3

4. This is the time when Outlook starts importing your contacts and emails as well. Before starting the process Outlook will welcome you with few options and then you have to click on Start button.

switching gmail to outlook 4

5. After clicking on Start button Outlook will move you on Gmail permission page where you have to give permission to access your Gmail account information and to start the “importing process”.

switching gmail to outlook 5

Once the importing process is done, you will get the notification email on your Gmail account and mail will show the message box and ask you to setup the forwarding setting of your Gmail account. Once you setup email forward settings in Gmail you will start getting all Gmail emails directly in mail inbox.

switching gmail to outlook 6

You can check the importing process and it will take some time to complete the process so meanwhile you can configure your Gmail account to forward all the new emails to from Gmail to Outlook mail inbox.

switching gmail to outlook 7

Gmail to Forward Messages:

There are several reasons why users prefer to switch from Gmail to Outlook. First of all Outlook look simple and loads faster as compared to Gmail and secondly users are getting most of services very similar to Gmail that makes switching from Gmail to Outlook more smoother.

Now if you have made up your mind to switch from Gmail to Outlook, the first question always will be “How to Import Gmail Contacts to Outlook“?. Isn’t it ? For that, you can import and export the contacts in several ways but the most popular way is to do it online without downloading and uploading any file over the internet.

Before starting the import process make sure you have already registered with Outlook  and if you are not then you can make a new ID with Outlook. Once you are ready with your account you can start the switching process. Here I divided all the process in simple steps that are very easy to follow especially for those who are new to this whole arena.

It’s easy to set up your Gmail account to forward new messages to

  1. Sign in to Gmail and in separate browser windows.
  2. Open Forwarding and POP/IMAP in Gmail settings by clicking here.
  3. Click Add a forwarding address and type in “[email protected]”.
  4. Click Next and proceed. Gmail will send a confirmation to your inbox.
  5. In your inbox, open the confirmation email. You’ll find the confirmation code.
  6. Go back to Gmail settings, enter the confirmation code and click Verify.
  7. Click Forward a copy of incoming mail to and choose “[email protected]”.
  8. Click Save Changes.

switching gmail to outlook 8

I know that there are some people who are feeling bad while switching from Gmail to Outlook email service but this is not the end of love with Gmail because you can get back to Gmail any time as you are not deleting your account but you are just forwarding the emails to another email service.

So don’t worry and go ahead with new email service and you can also customize the full email front panel and to get more deep information on the same click here.

I hope that this guide has helped you with changing Gmail to Outlook.Com Email Services for your choices. This is simple steps directed you to right path. You can send us your feedback at Mindful Votes Blog

How to Add Custom Welcome Voice Message In Windows

This guide will be very crucial and made with easy to understand steps of Add Custome Welcome Voice Message for Windows Backed PC. We are living in technology era and needless to say that most of our time pass sitting in front of our computer.

And as I am the fan of “Customizing” each and everything, I like to customize my windows as well.

I have already published lots of tricks and tips to customize windows in your own unique way, and now, it’s the time to add some new tricks.

Yes, this time, it will be all about customizing and adding the custom “Welcome Voice Message” in windows.

So, if you are bored to almost death by listening that “default login sound” over and over and over and over again, this is the perfect time to customize it and add something personal. You can add anything personal message or something funnier, whatever you like :)

How to Add Custome Welcome Voice Message:

The steps are very simple, however, you must have little knowledge about Notepad, though ! :D

So, jokes apart … here are those steps

1. First of all open the Notepad.

2. Once you opened the Notepad enter the following codes:

Dim speaks, speech
speaks=”Welcome to your PC, Username”
Set speech=CreateObject(sapi.spvoice“)
speech.Speak speaks

In the above code, you can change the Username with your own username like I am using “Sandeep” here. Once you have finalized the code click on the File menu and select Save as… option.

Do remember to save this file as only with .vbsextension. If are going to save them as a simple notepad file, the code will not work.

welcome voice

Note: – It is recommended to type the whole code manually because copied code might not work due to some quotas issues.

3. You have done a coding job and now you have to move the saved file at Windows user startup location. Now navigate the following location:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup (in Windows XP)

C:\Users\ {User-Name}\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup (in Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista) if C: is your System drive.

You might not be able to view App folder because this folder is hidden in Windows by default. You can use Windows Folder Option to view the hidden files and folders.

Once you moved the saved file, restart the computer to get a warm welcome voice message in a computerized voice.

Note: If you have enabled sound scheme for Windows please disable it first because it will mix with your welcome voice with default voice and that will be not good to hear.

I Hope got this guide and understood the given simplest steps of How to Add Custome Welcome Voice Message for PC backed by windows Operating System. You can write us about your views on it. The users who found any kind of difficulty can contact us at MindfulVotes Blog.

How To Enable Windows 8 Speech Recognition Service

This guide will be very crucial and made with easy to understand steps of How to Enable Speech Recognition Service for Windows Backed PC. You probably were praising the “Siri” or some other voice recognition services that do your said job without you having to manually type out.

And being a Windows user, you wished to get the same feeling and service on windows also … isn’t it? It’s very shame to know that almost every other windows users doesn’t know that the speech recognition service is very well present on their own windows operating system and is buried under control panel.

Yes, you heard me right! Microsoft offers Windows speech recognition services as a built-in option since the time of Windows Vista (yes, way long back!).

Windows 8 speech recognition is just more than the usual speech recognition tools by which you can type out the things by saying aloud.

Windows 8 Speech Recognition Service

In fact, you can use Windows speech recognition as the control application and can navigate from the desktop with your voice. In short, it’s the perfect tool to get lazy in the smart way!

Window 8 speech recognition or Windows 8 voice recognition is the best alternative to some of the best paid tools for the same purpose

How To Enable Windows 8 Speech Recognition

Most of us don’t know where the options for enabling the Windows 8 speech recognition service is located. Well for getting started with Windows speech recognition, follow some very simple steps.

  • Head to Control Panel -> Ease of Access -> Speech Recognition.
  • Ensure that your external microphone is connected to the computer. It is recommended to use the external microphone rather than inbuilt one for better result. (You can use inbuilt also, if you don’t have an external one).
  • Simply click on the Start Speech Recognition and new windows will pop up to walk you through the entire set up process.

Windows 8 Speech

After setting all things up, you have to choose the activation mode. There are totally two modes by which you can call for Windows 8 speech recognition service, the manual activation mode and voice activation mode.

In manual activation mode, you need to define one hotkey, which you’ll be pressing every time you want to start the windows speech recognition service. While in the case of voice activation you can quickly start the speech recognition service by saying “Start listening”.

A speech recognition bar will appear on the top of your screen when the service is called to serve. In simple words, this bar will be acting as the communicating medium between you and the speech recognition service.

Windows 8 Speech Recognition

Getting Used To Windows Speech Recognition

For the best use, users will have to train the windows 8 speech recognition service for getting optimum results every time. To do this, just hit the option “Train Your Computer to Better Understand You” option given in the speech recognition sectionWith the time, this service will improve as it learns more about the user’s voice.

Dictating The Text

If you need to write the word which is somewhat unusual or even if your shouted word was not accepted by windows speech recognition service, you can actually dictate every alphabets of the word.

Simply start by saying “start listening” or by clicking on the microphone button if you have selected manual activation. Start speaking all the alphabets of the words. However, you need to speak the punctuation marks also.

For instance, if you want to write “Hey There!” you need to say “open quotes hey comma there exclamation mark”. There may be some moments when windows 8 speech recognition service won’t understand you perfectly.

In that case, you can correct that particular word by saying “correct” followed by the word you’re willing to rectify. The speech recognition service will open one small dialogue box with the similar suggestion from where user can choose the desired word.

Navigating Through The Computer

Windows 8 speech recognition service isn’t just allotted for typing out what you say loud. In fact, it can be used to navigate to different folders, desktops, files, etc.

and can be used to do any work, from walking through your computer tobrowsing the web, etc. For instance, saying “start” will take you to the start screen, while saying “Show Desktop” will take you to the desktop.

Going one step further, you can also issue keyboard command using windows speech recognition service. For example, saying “press windows C” will open up the charm bar.

Windows 8

Exciting … isn’t?

Below are some of the shortcuts you may be using frequently.

  • Open Program – Saying “Open Notepad” or “Open Firefox” will open up the respective program. Adding “Open” wordto the program name will eventually open up that particular program.
  • Switch to Program – “Switch To” program will switch to the other opened program. For example, saying “switch to Paint” will take you to the paint (if it’s opened).
  • Close Program – As the name says, the call “Close” is used to close the program.
  • Maximize/Minimize Program–This program will do the same thing, what you were doing in the title bar with the help of your mouse.
  • Scroll –Saying “Scroll down”, “Scroll up”, or even “scroll left” will be followed by the respective instruction given.
  • Press Key – If you want to press two keys (combination of keys) at the same time, the option of “Press Key” will be useful. For example, saying “Press Windows C” will input the command to press “Windows Key” + “C” to bring up the charm bar.
  •  Click – Want to click something? Just add Phrase “click” before the file name to click on it. Example, saying “Click File” to click on “File” menu in the title bar. Similar options are “Double Click” or “Right Click”.

You can even watch videos and play streaming sites and hell lots of other things. For getting the maximum exposure of this great feature, just play with this windows 8 speech recognition service as much as you can.

Note: The set up process for windows 7 speech recognition is exactly the same as windows 8. So, you can enable windows 7 speech recognition services just by following all the mentioned steps above.

With all that being said, Windows 8 speech recognition service may not be up to the mark set by the paid tools, but it is capable of doing almost all the possible task you seek for.

Needless to say, mobile are not just the only system designed to work with the speech recognition service. Windows 8 speech recognition service or windows 8 voice recognition built-in service is very much capable of doing almost all things and is the best option when seen from the price point of view. Additionally, you can save your time by eliminating the manual work.

So, get lazy and enable your windows 8 speech recognition service

I Hope got this guide and understood the given simplest steps of How to Enable Speech Recognition Service for PC backed by windows Operating System. You can write us about your views on it. The users who found any kind of difficulty can contact us at MindfulVotes Blog

ScreenToGif: Create GIF Files of Your Work on PC

The most effective way of learning is none other than visual and voice tutorials. ScreenToGif for creating GIF Files is of the tools and application that can capture the PC screen and later convert them to videos in many different formats.

Other popular ways are to take a screenshot of works that you are doing on the computer. ScreenToGif is something like we, publishing the series of screenshots of any software reviews or tutorials or even for How-to’s rather than making you read long and lengthy articles. Sounds exciting! Isn’t it?

Today, I will introduce you with an awesome freeware Windows ScreenToGif app that allows you to record a selected area of your screen and save as an animated GIF.


How to Create ScreenToGif on PC:

It can record your screen activities and save directly to a gif looped animation without any third party application. During the process you can pause and continue the program any time later can easily modify or remove the unwanted frames to generate better GIF with ScreenToGif.

This is a portable app and has size in just a few KB. On the main interface of a screen, you can set Max FPS and dimensional size of GIF that you want to record and generate. Finally, click on the Record button to start the recording and start working.

screentogif pc

After finishing the work click on Stop button to stop the recording process and ScreenToGif will prompt you one small editing screen where you can manage all the recorded frames.

After finalizing the editing, click on Done button and save the GIF file at any location. ScreenToGif will take some time it depends on your recording work to generate the animated GIF file.


Finally, you will able to see generated animated GIF file in action.

screentogif mac

ScreenToGif also supports some standards tweaks that you can apply like you can set function key to work during the recording to Start/Pause and stop, enable cursor, allow editing after recording and save standard location (Desktop) to save animated GIF files.

Yes, you can even create a animated message for your Ex or even for your loved ones. Using ScreenToGif for PC is a nice compact tool to create GIF files that happens on your screen with a few simple clicks. Feel free to conatct us with your suggestions, Queries and Questions related to each and every post of MindFulVotes Blog

Download Able 2 Extract PDF Converter for PC

Our success at work or in school depends on many factors. You will learn about PDF Converter Download Able2Extract for PC.One factor that is becoming increasingly important is our knowledge of the new technology.

Though some people refuse to adapt to the computer era and its rules, this adaptability often decides who will get a better grade in college or who will get a promotion at work.

Here is one example of how familiarity with new tools and apps can make a difference in the business environment. When working with electronic files, sending and sharing documents with colleagues and creating reports for our bosses, we frequently work with PDFs and, therefore, need Able2Extract.

This universal format makes sure that our colleagues and bosses receive our reports with proper formatting.

When a person receives a non-editable PDF file from a boss, for example, who wants it proofread for typos and mistakes, there are people who will first manually retype the whole document in another editable format, and there are people who will skip this hours-long procedure and use one of the many PDF converters available to quickly get to the proofreading and editing task.

How to use Able 2 Extract for PC?

The step-by-step routine of using Able2Extract features,

PDF to Word:

1) Open a PDF to convert into .docx file.

2) In the “Select” area choose “All” or “Area”, depending on whether you want the whole document converted or if you simply wish to extract parts of it.

3) Click on “Word”.

PDF to Word

Choose a name for your file and location where you want to save it, and you’ll soon have your converted Word file ready to edit. Get Able2Extract for this feature

PDF to Excel:

1) Like in the previous tutorial, you’ll open a PDF file for conversion into Excel.

2) Extract parts that you wish to convert or select the whole text.

3) Click on “Excel”.

PDF to Word conveter

4) Convert the file automatically or choose to customize your document by clicking “Define”.

PDF to Excel

5) You’ll see a set of options in the dynamic sidebar to the right.

PDF to Excel conveter

Here you will be able to set your column types, row settings, header/footer options, etc. You can also check the “Show Preview” box which will allow you to see your output table before the conversion starts while using Able2Extract.

It’s helpful to know your options that this full-package software provides:

  • PDF to Word
  • PDF to PowerPoint
  • PDF to Excel
  • PDF to Publisher
  • PDF to OpenOffice
  • PDF to HTML
  • PDF to Images
  • PDF to AutoCAD
  • Batch conversion
  • Selective conversion

In the example of two of the most popular conversion types, PDF to Word and PDF to Excel, you’ll learn how the tool works and you’ll be able to perform all other conversions easily.

Conversion to other output formats like Publisher and AutoCAD works in similar ways to the ones we’ve shown here. Other than that, users can use the batch conversion option to compile multiple PDF documents and convert them all together and, as already seen, they can choose whether they want the whole document converted or if they simply want to extract certain parts into an editable file.

Therefore, those who are familiar with the existence of conversion software will prove to be more productive at work in this case.

People who work with Word, Publisher, and PowerPoint documents, and primarily MS Excel users, will find Able2Extract PDF Converter to be one of the best tools for document conversion that is available on the market today. Its popularity stems from its smooth and accurate conversions and its easy-to-follow interface.

Get offers of a free 7-day license to users. This guide on Able2Extract Download for Windows software provider. They are interested in testing the software and seeing what it can do. You can contact us for your question and suggestion about this post at MindFulVotes Blog

VLC For Windows 8 & Windows Phone Will Be Released Soon

There is no doubt that VLC is the most favorite media player among many. Whether it’s all about your desktop or laptop or even when it comes to mobile device, we all want to have VLC player installed.

To bridge this gap, VLC has rolled out its mobile app for Android and iOS quite some time before. However, with the release of the new operating system from Microsoft (Windows 8), there is no dedicated app of VLC for Windows 8 users.

vlc media player

Seeing the more demand coming in, the company has stated that, they will be releasing the dedicated app of VLC for Windows 8 and for both versions of Windows 8 (including mobile version) very soon.

The features which the VLC Team oaths to bring at the launch are:

  • Support for all VLC formats including MKV and FLAC
  • Audio
  • Video
  • A simple and intuitive interface
  • Compatible for both Windows 8 and 8.1
  • Basis Subtitles support

The team this time is all geared up before the release of the app of VLC for Windows 8 store, which they tried before but was rejected due to audio bug. Also, the team is working on the ARM version of Windows 8.

vlc plyr

With that being said, Windows user can just hope that their wait will worth in the end.

One Click USB Port Blocker for Windows

On many occasions I have published security tools and applications to protect USB ports in Windows OS. USB port is the most unsecure location where anybody can insert any hacking device or a pen drive to get their dirty hands on your important/secure information to misuse them.

You can easily protect your PC from any type of virus using the antivirus program but securing your data from hardware hacking is something to look for, as it is a big threat.

In Windows there isno application or options that disable USB ports in Windows but there is one small application called Windows USB Blocker, a freeware tool that can block or unblock USB ports on any Windows system.

You can also block USB ports by changing in system Registry but this would be tricky and not safe, so betting on USB Blocker tool is very helpful for you. USB Blocker tool “Block USB Port” is very easy to use and you can block or unlock USB ports with single click.

Just start this tool and click on Block USB Port  button and your USB Ports will be blocked and secured. I know that many of my loving readers would think that it will block all USB devices like USB Keyboard, Wi-Fi adapter and other similar devices but not to worry!.

USB Blocker will block only USB ports for only external storage devices like Pen drives or external hard drives.

To un-block all the blocked USB ports start the application again and click on Unblock USB Port button.

windowsusbblocker mainscreen

Windows USB Blocker Features:

  • A free USB Blocker tool to block or unblock USB
  • Blocks only USB Storage Devices (USB Sticks/Disks)
  • Simple tool with cool GUI interface
  • Displays current USB block status
  • No need to log off or restart the system
  • Fully portable, does not require any .NET or other dependencies
  • Includes Installer for local installation & un-installation
  • Works on both 32-bit & 64-bit systems from Windows XP to Windows 8

For new user, developers has also added a small help button at the bottom-right of this tool.