How To Enable “Paste and Go” Option In Internet Explorer

This guide will be very crucial and made with easy to understand steps of How To Enable Paste and Go Option when using Internet Explorer.“Chrome” being the most used browser, offers many handy options for making the things simple.

“Paste and Go” is one of them. You are just surfing web pages and you have seen some interesting words with Hyperlink and you want to open it in a new tab.

You probably would copy the link address and then paste it in the new tab’s URL bar and eventually hit “Enter”. Simple, isn’t?

Now what if the “enter” part is removed? Time saved … No? Many of us would opt to do these things by shortcut (Ctrl + Right Click), however there are many users who are not a big fan of shortcuts. So, for them, using the extension for simplifying the things is much better approach.

Almost all Chrome users known about the option “Paste and Go” that appears when you have copied any URL and right click in Chrome’s Ominibar.

paste go

Enable Paste and Go Option:

Paste and Go is not so important feature, but it somehow saves your time as you don’t have to click on Go button or even have to press enter button. The same option is also available in Maxthon, Opera and Firefox ax well.

However, the majority of Internet Explorer users does not know that this option is already available in IE 9. Additionally, you don’t need to enable any option in the settings. You just need to use your Keyboard shortcut to revoke this feature.

Microsoft Solution:

There is already an option for “paste and go” within Internet Explorer 9. To use this functionality, follow these steps:

  • Copy a web address from any web page or a document file that you want to visit.
  • Click on anywhere within an open Internet Explorer window/tab (if you weren’t already selected in one from where you highlighted and copied)
  • Press Ctrl + Shift + L on your keyboard

paste and go

Once you press Ctrl + Shift + L on your keyboard, shortcut function will paste the text that had been copied and will open the URL. If the copied text was a URL the page will be loaded and if the text was a group of text a search will occur using your default search provider.

This is the easiest way to go for the search or to open any URL without using your mouse or hitting “Enter”. It’s better to use shortcuts to save the time and to be more productive.

I Hope got this guide and understood the given simplest steps of How To Enable Paste and Go Option when using Internet Explorer. You can write us about your views on it. The users who found any kind of difficulty can contact us at MindfulVotes Blog

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