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Though we now that Gmail is a best email service provider, This guide will help you in Changing Gmail to Outlook.Com Email Services. Needless to say that Gmail is most trusted and popular online email service provider around the world and the majority of internet users are connected with Google in direct or in an indirect way.

There are many other email service providers that work like a Gmail but they lack in offering awesome features like Gmail does. However, in the race to offer much more rich things to the users, Gmail now takes much time to load in the web browser as compared with last few months.

So when this question was tossed to me, the first idea that strike my brain was to select the best alternative of Gmail for the time being. And we all know that Outlook is the best alternative of Gmail (as of now).

Outlook Email service by Microsoft is also getting popular day by day and lots of people have already switched from Gmail to Outlook or planning to switch in a short time.

Switching from one email service provider to another is not that much easier because there are huge type of settings and contacts that you have set in another email service provider also.

gmail to outlook

Let’s start the Gmail to Outlook switching

1. Open the email account and click on setting Gear Icon that you can see at the top-right of screen.

switching gmail to outlook

2. In the Options panel click on Import email accounts option and wait for the next option.

switching gmail to outlook

3. On the next screen you will get two different locations to import the contacts. Select Gmail to switching and click on Google option and go to the next step.

switching gmail to outlook 3

4. This is the time when Outlook starts importing your contacts and emails as well. Before starting the process Outlook will welcome you with few options and then you have to click on Start button.

switching gmail to outlook 4

5. After clicking on Start button Outlook will move you on Gmail permission page where you have to give permission to access your Gmail account information and to start the “importing process”.

switching gmail to outlook 5

Once the importing process is done, you will get the notification email on your Gmail account and mail will show the message box and ask you to setup the forwarding setting of your Gmail account. Once you setup email forward settings in Gmail you will start getting all Gmail emails directly in mail inbox.

switching gmail to outlook 6

You can check the importing process and it will take some time to complete the process so meanwhile you can configure your Gmail account to forward all the new emails to from Gmail to Outlook mail inbox.

switching gmail to outlook 7

Gmail to Forward Messages:

There are several reasons why users prefer to switch from Gmail to Outlook. First of all Outlook look simple and loads faster as compared to Gmail and secondly users are getting most of services very similar to Gmail that makes switching from Gmail to Outlook more smoother.

Now if you have made up your mind to switch from Gmail to Outlook, the first question always will be “How to Import Gmail Contacts to Outlook“?. Isn’t it ? For that, you can import and export the contacts in several ways but the most popular way is to do it online without downloading and uploading any file over the internet.

Before starting the import process make sure you have already registered with Outlook  and if you are not then you can make a new ID with Outlook. Once you are ready with your account you can start the switching process. Here I divided all the process in simple steps that are very easy to follow especially for those who are new to this whole arena.

It’s easy to set up your Gmail account to forward new messages to

  1. Sign in to Gmail and in separate browser windows.
  2. Open Forwarding and POP/IMAP in Gmail settings by clicking here.
  3. Click Add a forwarding address and type in “[email protected]”.
  4. Click Next and proceed. Gmail will send a confirmation to your inbox.
  5. In your inbox, open the confirmation email. You’ll find the confirmation code.
  6. Go back to Gmail settings, enter the confirmation code and click Verify.
  7. Click Forward a copy of incoming mail to and choose “[email protected]”.
  8. Click Save Changes.

switching gmail to outlook 8

I know that there are some people who are feeling bad while switching from Gmail to Outlook email service but this is not the end of love with Gmail because you can get back to Gmail any time as you are not deleting your account but you are just forwarding the emails to another email service.

So don’t worry and go ahead with new email service and you can also customize the full email front panel and to get more deep information on the same click here.

I hope that this guide has helped you with changing Gmail to Outlook.Com Email Services for your choices. This is simple steps directed you to right path. You can send us your feedback at Mindful Votes Blog

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