How To Enable Windows 8 Speech Recognition Service

This guide will be very crucial and made with easy to understand steps of How to Enable Speech Recognition Service for Windows Backed PC. You probably were praising the “Siri” or some other voice recognition services that do your said job without you having to manually type out.

And being a Windows user, you wished to get the same feeling and service on windows also … isn’t it? It’s very shame to know that almost every other windows users doesn’t know that the speech recognition service is very well present on their own windows operating system and is buried under control panel.

Yes, you heard me right! Microsoft offers Windows speech recognition services as a built-in option since the time of Windows Vista (yes, way long back!).

Windows 8 speech recognition is just more than the usual speech recognition tools by which you can type out the things by saying aloud.

Windows 8 Speech Recognition Service

In fact, you can use Windows speech recognition as the control application and can navigate from the desktop with your voice. In short, it’s the perfect tool to get lazy in the smart way!

Window 8 speech recognition or Windows 8 voice recognition is the best alternative to some of the best paid tools for the same purpose

How To Enable Windows 8 Speech Recognition

Most of us don’t know where the options for enabling the Windows 8 speech recognition service is located. Well for getting started with Windows speech recognition, follow some very simple steps.

  • Head to Control Panel -> Ease of Access -> Speech Recognition.
  • Ensure that your external microphone is connected to the computer. It is recommended to use the external microphone rather than inbuilt one for better result. (You can use inbuilt also, if you don’t have an external one).
  • Simply click on the Start Speech Recognition and new windows will pop up to walk you through the entire set up process.

Windows 8 Speech

After setting all things up, you have to choose the activation mode. There are totally two modes by which you can call for Windows 8 speech recognition service, the manual activation mode and voice activation mode.

In manual activation mode, you need to define one hotkey, which you’ll be pressing every time you want to start the windows speech recognition service. While in the case of voice activation you can quickly start the speech recognition service by saying “Start listening”.

A speech recognition bar will appear on the top of your screen when the service is called to serve. In simple words, this bar will be acting as the communicating medium between you and the speech recognition service.

Windows 8 Speech Recognition

Getting Used To Windows Speech Recognition

For the best use, users will have to train the windows 8 speech recognition service for getting optimum results every time. To do this, just hit the option “Train Your Computer to Better Understand You” option given in the speech recognition sectionWith the time, this service will improve as it learns more about the user’s voice.

Dictating The Text

If you need to write the word which is somewhat unusual or even if your shouted word was not accepted by windows speech recognition service, you can actually dictate every alphabets of the word.

Simply start by saying “start listening” or by clicking on the microphone button if you have selected manual activation. Start speaking all the alphabets of the words. However, you need to speak the punctuation marks also.

For instance, if you want to write “Hey There!” you need to say “open quotes hey comma there exclamation mark”. There may be some moments when windows 8 speech recognition service won’t understand you perfectly.

In that case, you can correct that particular word by saying “correct” followed by the word you’re willing to rectify. The speech recognition service will open one small dialogue box with the similar suggestion from where user can choose the desired word.

Navigating Through The Computer

Windows 8 speech recognition service isn’t just allotted for typing out what you say loud. In fact, it can be used to navigate to different folders, desktops, files, etc.

and can be used to do any work, from walking through your computer tobrowsing the web, etc. For instance, saying “start” will take you to the start screen, while saying “Show Desktop” will take you to the desktop.

Going one step further, you can also issue keyboard command using windows speech recognition service. For example, saying “press windows C” will open up the charm bar.

Windows 8

Exciting … isn’t?

Below are some of the shortcuts you may be using frequently.

  • Open Program – Saying “Open Notepad” or “Open Firefox” will open up the respective program. Adding “Open” wordto the program name will eventually open up that particular program.
  • Switch to Program – “Switch To” program will switch to the other opened program. For example, saying “switch to Paint” will take you to the paint (if it’s opened).
  • Close Program – As the name says, the call “Close” is used to close the program.
  • Maximize/Minimize Program–This program will do the same thing, what you were doing in the title bar with the help of your mouse.
  • Scroll –Saying “Scroll down”, “Scroll up”, or even “scroll left” will be followed by the respective instruction given.
  • Press Key – If you want to press two keys (combination of keys) at the same time, the option of “Press Key” will be useful. For example, saying “Press Windows C” will input the command to press “Windows Key” + “C” to bring up the charm bar.
  •  Click – Want to click something? Just add Phrase “click” before the file name to click on it. Example, saying “Click File” to click on “File” menu in the title bar. Similar options are “Double Click” or “Right Click”.

You can even watch videos and play streaming sites and hell lots of other things. For getting the maximum exposure of this great feature, just play with this windows 8 speech recognition service as much as you can.

Note: The set up process for windows 7 speech recognition is exactly the same as windows 8. So, you can enable windows 7 speech recognition services just by following all the mentioned steps above.

With all that being said, Windows 8 speech recognition service may not be up to the mark set by the paid tools, but it is capable of doing almost all the possible task you seek for.

Needless to say, mobile are not just the only system designed to work with the speech recognition service. Windows 8 speech recognition service or windows 8 voice recognition built-in service is very much capable of doing almost all things and is the best option when seen from the price point of view. Additionally, you can save your time by eliminating the manual work.

So, get lazy and enable your windows 8 speech recognition service

I Hope got this guide and understood the given simplest steps of How to Enable Speech Recognition Service for PC backed by windows Operating System. You can write us about your views on it. The users who found any kind of difficulty can contact us at MindfulVotes Blog

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