How To Protect Yourself From Being Hacked

You probably have seen or heard many people around saying that their account has been compromised. In simple words “hacked”. Now there is nothing special in hacking, it is just fairly simple ways applied consciously.


It is very important to protect your digital identity, and for the same, you must know how accounts are actually compromised, so that you can secure yourself from being hacked.


The most widely used methods to trap the innocent user is keyloggers. They are just a piece of malicious software which was sent to your computer by hackers through fraud mails, infected software or from downloadable files.


Keyloggers are used to capture the sensitive data like your credit card details, online banking details and personal credentials to exploit you. The major reason of keyloggers being accepted on computers is the outdated version of Java.

In order to avoid this, keep your software and especially Java up to date and install decent anti-virus program. Also, stop using un-trusted download sites.

Reusing the Passwords

Most of us opt to have the passwords of different services same for the reason we can’t remember them all. So, as we reuse the passwords for different accounts, it becomes very easier to crack down the entire list of our personal data which is being stored online.

Reusing the Passwords

Leaking of Password Database of online service providers like LinkedIn and many other major sites is nothing new now-a-days. So, reusing the password is the most “Insecure” way you can opt for.

And if you reuse the passwords for email accounts, it becomes very easy for hackers to get the credentials of almost every other account as resetting the password will not be that hard.

To get over this, try using online password manager like LastPass. The security of these online password managers is un-crack able. Hackers have tried to hack the Database of LastPass over dozens of times but got nothing.

So using online password managers’ tools like LastPass is the best option to avoid re-using the password again and again and in turn you can remember your password by forgetting it!

Using Social Tools

Phishing is also another method widely used by hackers. Impersonating as someone unique, they try to take your password with your consent.

Using Social Tools

The best example of this will be, Fraud email impersonating as your Personal Banking services asking you to log in to your account to verify yourself.

Or even a Fake Facebook authentication service of different online tools like games which makes you input your password with your consent without knowing their intentions.

Be careful in clicking the links in the emails. If it is from the Bank, try to head over to the Bank site manually by typing out the URL of your respective bank.

Using Social Tools PC

Answering The Week Security Questions

We all know that, password resetting can be done on major sites by answering the security question. And all we do is, we answer very simple and guessable questions like “Where were you Born?”, “What High School did you go to?”, etc. And end up being tagged with Hacked word.

Answering The Week Security Questions

It is important to understand that this type of weak security question can be easily found from the social circle. So, try avoiding weak security questions. Or you can input the unique answer to those questions, which ain’t necessary to be true, but rather should be remembered-able.

It is also important to know that hacking is not like trying and guessing every single “possible password”, but it is much more the use of brute force methods.

So, if you take proper security precautions, it won’t be that easy for hackers to hack down your online accounts. Using Two-Factor Authentication will be the best way to get more secured.

With that being said, being hacked is not due to “Expertise” of hackers but due to “Foolishness & Carelessness” of our own.

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