qSnap: Capture Full Web Page in Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE

Being a blogger, I always have to capture lots of screenshot from the web to show them on my blog. Generally, most of us are using Snagit to capture the screenshot of the PC, but it cannot capture the whole web page and it captures only visible view of any web page.

On this blog I had reviewed some of the beautiful Chrome Extensions like Blipshot andAwesome Screenshot and now it is the time to review one more new webpage screenshot capture tool called qSnap.

This is an ultimate solution to capture the whole web page and it supports most of popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE as well. I have personally installed this extension in Google Chrome and here is the features and review for this extension.

There are numbers of feature that makes this extension better as compared with other similar capturing tools available in Chrome Web Store. It takes few seconds to install and popup as toolbar icon where you can access it with a single click.

Without too many annoying options it shows small popup where you have to select option for capturing the whole webpage or just to capture visible part.


Once you took the screenshot of any webpage, snap comes with a new image editing window where you can finalize the captured screenshot to make it look better.

You can do lots of stuff on any image to make them better like you can design Circle, highlight, crop and add notes to make your screenshot more attractive.

At the bottom of editing screen you can view all the captured screenshot and you can also load them in the current session by simply clicking on them.

After finalizing the screenshot, you are ready to share or save them on the computer. qSnap can directly share your captured screenshot or upload them for 30 days at qSnap free online hosting.

qsnap pc

If you opt to upload your captured screenshot at qSnap online storage, you will get some extra features also. You can also use keyboard shortcuts to save captured screenshot like Ctrl + ALT + S shortcut can save your screenshot on your local computer.

qSnap is an awesome piece of tool for capturing the full webpage and it offer lots of useful options.

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